Facebook and The Election

I posted the following on my Facebook page the other day and a lot of people could relate:

“I’m grateful for all of my Facebook friends who HAVEN’T shoved their presidential candidate or political views down my throat. Thank you : ) Happy Friday!!!”


It just amazes me that some of my friends can’t figure out that not everyone has the same view as them and don’t have a clue that they may be offending others with their posts.  It starts off slow and you let it go but after a couple of months it gets old.    There’s the cute little poke fun posts, the I’ve done research and found out this posts, and then the in your face this candidate sucks posts.  They have to know not all their friends support their candidate and do they honestly think they are going to change someones mind on who they are going to vote for?  It’s like – “Man I’ve been a Democrat/Republic for years but after reading Joe’s post I’m going to vote for this candidate.”   Right!  It’s not going to happen!!

It got to the point that I ended up “unfollowing” some of them but remaining friends.  I know it’s just the nature of the Facebook beast, but I honestly had higher hopes.

What are your thoughts on this?


Getting all warrior like

Facing the Shadows
I’ve been doing a lot of soul type work.  Lately though I’ve noticed something was missing which meant time to focus and remain open.  In one of my journal exercises I had a vision of myself hanging off a cliff with a river running underneath me.  I thought about this and thought of it as a sign to just let go and jump into the water.  The next night I watched Tony Robbins:  I’m not your guru on Netflix.  In one of the pieces Tony talks to this man about how he had been raised by sheep, living like a sheep, and he’s actually a lion that can roar.  You’ll have to watch it.  This resonated with my soul.  Anyway after that I found a book on Amazon called No more Mr. Nice Guy which is about trying to please others while neglecting yourself which cause unhappiness.  Again I knew I was being led down a path and I went with it.  I thought back to my dream about hanging from a cliff over the river.  I realized I wasn’t supposed to jump into the river.  I was to use all my strength and tears and climb that fucking cliff to the top, conquer it, and make a new journey.   I googled Men’s Retreat Warrior and the New Warriors Training Adventure by the Mankind Project came up.  Its purpose is to support men in leading meaningful lives of integrity, accountability, responsibility, and emotion intelligence.   They had a class in 2 weeks and no shit it was in my town.  I didn’t think – I just registered.  I knew nothing about the Mankind Project other then it’s website.

totem-poleI went last weekend and it was amazing!!  I’m still digesting it all.  I got in touch with some of my shadows, sleighed some dragons, and learned how to get all primal with my new brothers and dance a new dance where we can speak openly without fear.  For any man who wants to become a better man or feels like something is missing in his life you need to GO!    They also have iGroups where you can meet with other men in a men’s circle in a location near you.  That’s my next step.  I battled my demon and was able to ultimately get it all out and even forgive it.  I’ve tried everything like counseling, yoga, mediation, and church and nothing ever came close to helping me unfold further like this did.

It’s a group of men who want to became GREAT men.  True men.   I don’t know where this will all lead, but I’m sure as hell excited about it.  Like I said this is the drive or connection I’ve been missing.

I’m grateful connecting to the Great Spirit and following leads even when I’m scared as hell.


My fellow warriors from The Mankind Project – New Warrior Training Adventure October 7-9, 2016 JCC Ranch Camp – Elbert, Colorado. “Changing the world one man at a time.”

What an awesome experience and a great group of men!