Crazy Train

Crazy Brain – Crazy Train. 

trainHave you ever tried just staying a few steps of your crazy brain?  It’s like this dark shadow you can actually feel breathing down your neck.  It’s like a huge black cloud following you ever where whispering in your ear things like – fool, don’t, stupid, give up, ugly,  why did you do that,…  You feel like if you acknowledge it that it will swallow you and finally take over like it always has wanted to do.  You run, run, and run.

For me here’s the deal.  I get to the point where I’ve had enough.  I turn around and look at this shadow(ego) and say fuck you, fuck off, and go away.  It cowardly slips away.

Becoming aware is the first step.  You are good.  You are awesome!  You are the “___ness” of life.  I am the Dwightness of life and am learning I can control my crazy brain.  So can you : )

5 Marriage tips from a Divorced Dude

  1.   Don’t take it for granite that just because you love the other person that all is good. A marriage like anything else you value needs to be a practice you do every day.   In order to improve and grow you must practice, practice, and practice.  Words are “okay” but showing via actions always trumps words. Celebrate your love.  On Anniversaries and Valentine’s day go crazy overboard.  Sure it could be said things like Valentine’s day is a big commercial scam, but so what do it anyways!  Better yet do it all year long.
  2. Stay social. It’s very tempting to hibernate at home and become each other’s best and only real friend.  Not good.  Go out on the town with friends.  Have friends over to your place.  Keep in contact with your friends and do things with them.  It will keep your marriage livelier.
  3. Help each other. It’s easy to split and conquer chores like finances, grocery shopping, making dinner, …  but once in a while take on the other person’s chores.  You’ll get a better understanding of what they experience.
  4. Let your spouse grow even if you think you know what’s better for them : )   YOU DON’T! Life is about unfolding for further growth.  Without growth, everything shuts down.
  5. Listen.  I mean really listen.  You may only get one chance.


If you don’t love yourself – START. You can’t give love unless you love yourself.