Recipe for a Sh!t Week

It’s Saturday morning and I am just thinking about my sh!t week.  At least that’s what I chose to think of it every day starting from Monday right up to Friday night.  Uggh…when you start seeing your nonsense it’s a tad hard to handle.  Sometimes it much easier to fly blind with no clue.  Anyway I pretty much did everything within my powers to make it sucky sucky.  I ate like a pig, didn’t work out, beat myself up over things at work failing,  felt sorry for myself, and got offended as much as possible.  What a perfect recipe, eh??  When I start spiraling down my speed tends to increase and stopping that momentum gets harder and harder until I just say fuck it.  Can you dig it?  I’m 51.  I know most of the right things I need to do.  We all do.  I just choose at times to ignore the right things and focus on the crap.  Easy to see today as the sun is coming up.  I’m going to try to start looking at my choices a bit better.  I’ll update in the comments on how next week goes.  Can you relate?