Time for therapy

No insurance card needed.

Are you ready?

Here we go.



Stop and touch the bark of the trees.  Stand and be silent.  Tell the trees how grateful you are for all that they give.  Close you eyes and feel the energy from your hand on the tree down to Mother Earth and across the forest.




Pat and smile at the trees as they smile and giggle along with you.



Sit with Mother Earth and Give Thanks




With tears of joy I say Thank You Great Spirit

Thank you Earth Mother

Thank you Guides and Angels

Thank you Power Animals

Love Love Love

Thank you thank you thank you

I Am Grateful Grateful Grateful


Therapy is over for today




How come it’s easier to write out our feelings to the whole world to read, but every day we hold them tightly to our chest when we are with those who love us?

A few weeks ago I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen for over 20 years.  I did something I don’t usually do and instead of just saying yes life has been interesting these last few years,  I was honest and said it sucked!!  I told her all about the bad and the ugly and yes I was scared, but I was no longer going to hide “me”.  I think she was a bit shocked at my honesty and I guess in a way so was I.  I even told her about this blog and gave her the link.  People will say you need to be careful Dwight.  You shouldn’t do this with xxx, or be careful discussing this type of stuff with xxx.  To all of that, I say – F it!  If they want to judge so be it.  I don’t need that in my life anyway.

Some will always live in the matrix.  I did for a very very long time.

Others have discovered what’s casting shadows inside the cave and have found the courage to get up, face the shadows, take the shackles off,  and be Free again!  (Plato’s Cave)

***Picture is Boris – He’s always real around me – I love him for that***



I’m Ready


Where would I go

Who cares




Adventures from days past

Young and dumb

Who is the fool

So many things wished changed

Now more of the same

Not too late

Still can run


Kids, dogs, debt, income, insurance…asked every day



Let’s look at the list

You must do this

You must do this

Preach preach preach

Grow up they said

Look at the freak show with  disbelief

Everyone overweight, depressed, anxiety, anger, hate, spoiled, havoc, hurt, and depleting

Me Me Me

Doom and gloom publicized every day

Making money by clicks

A plan must be made

It can’t remain the same

It won’t

I’m F’N Ready to be Free Again!