12:41 AM Train Departed

it’s her train even if you think not

you indeed will pay a price

with or without cause

no time for repairs

you will eventually be tossed

she looks the other way

as she greets a new passenger

you crash roll and fall further and further down

the roar of the engine fades

you pick yourself uP

she though is still forced to stay on the tracks

there’s a strict schedule you realize

more lessons must be taught

A Good Day

imageIt was a good day.  Sam, my 1968 camper, came home from having his gas tank lined due to rust.  Sucks getting old and oh how can I relate.  The great Great Spirit is shining on him though with some love here.  I just picked up Sam at the end of last year and he’s been in and out of the shop for various repairs, so today was a good bonding day.  I started up in the cab and commenced cleaning.  I swear Sam hasn’t seen any TLC and many moons.  Tomorrow is a tear out day in Sam where I’m going to remove an old sink and fridge.  There’s so much work to do but that’s why I bought Sam.  I needed a hobby and when I saw him my heart smiled and I knew we were meant for each other.  We’re both a bit older, slower, rustier, but still have great potential to shine again and head out on this highway of life!  Feeling grateful!  And so it is.