Thank YOU

Good Morning from the Couch of Daisy! You ever have one of those mornings where all just feels good?   A warm calmness lightly snuggles up to you and  kisses your cheek.  This I wish for all of you.  I'm very grateful!  The connections I feel everyday have opened my heart wider and strengthed my … Continue reading Thank YOU

My Hero

What if I told you I know a soldier who served their country for 30 years?   What if I told you during this period a great war was raging and each year this veteran chose to go one more tour?  One more tour.  This soldier started fresh full of passion and determination.  High ideals … Continue reading My Hero

Paper & Ink

I picked up my dusty journal looking for an entry and realized how very little I write now that I blog more on WordPress.  Just glancing through I was in a kind of ahhh on the range of topics and moments I had captured good, bad, and ugly.  Some juicy material in there let me … Continue reading Paper & Ink