Hold on

I’m working my way back.

This human experience is an interesting ride.

I find myself lost and just holding on often, buried deep within my mind.

Overrun by waves of nonsense built up and programmed for 54 years.

Just when I’m about at my end though, cracks of light come.

My guides are always here, it’s I who left.

Anyone out there barely holding on try to quiet your mind.

Breathe in Peace, Send out Love


16 responses to “Hold on”

  1. Hey you. Sounds like it’s been tricky for you. Keep going and hold on! I was hanging in for dear life at the end of last week. Slowly getting there but it’s hard. Sending love to you xxx

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  2. Just when I think I’ve seen/explored ever angle… this…. “My guides are always here, it’s I who left.” bam I’m smacked in the face with a new one. thank you for this… great read. 🎩🤓

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  3. Virtual hug, Dwight. I hope you know how much some of us relate to this. The grief has only hit me in moments but I know it will continue to arrive. Peace and light to you.


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