Out East visiting family

Hello all. I’m visiting my mom, brother, and sister. We’re having a great time! My brother took us on a drive called Skyline drive in Virginia. Just some incredible beautiful country. A lot like Colorado with the mountains, but instead of our rocky tops theirs are covered in trees.

So great seeing everyone especially all the grandchildren. The older I get the more I enjoy family. Sometimes I wonder if I should move back, but my kids and the Rockies are my home.

Take care all😊❤️🤗


It’s time

As difficult, sad, and humbling that “falls” present themselves – they are the way. It’s during those times we indeed sigh and discover a truth. A new knowing. A piece of us that was meant to be, just waiting to become.

It takes a bit to see this, but when you do – stand uP, smile, and start clapping!

Hello my friends! Sending light and love to each one of my super heroes out here❤️