2020 Pikes Peak Challenge

Today I was able to participate in the Pikes Peak Challenge. It’s a fundraiser that provides help and services for survivors of an injury to the brain, their families, and providers here in Colorado via the Brain Injury Awareness Alliance of Colorado. It’s such a wonderful cause and it’s always an honor to participate. The volunteers and support services are just amazing! It’s usually a hike up Pikes Peak, but due to Covid they had to switch it up. This year we hiked halfway to Barr Camp and then back down. A total of 12 miles. The weather was perfect with big beautiful blue skies and 70 degrees. Just earlier in the week it was 25 degrees and snow!

I hadn’t done this fundraiser in years, and you know me how excited I get for a hiking adventure. It was wonderful being outdoors with loving souls. I was in heaven charging up Barr trail at 5 AM. So for a 12 mile hike, here’s 12 photos along the way. I hope you enjoy.

Looking back at Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak..sunrise
Loved this..smelled like fall😊

At the finish line, an old timer walked over to me and put a medallion around my neck, shook my hand(no elbow bump), and said thank you for participating. I’m a brain injury survivor and benefit from this organization and folks like you. Choked me all up.

This was a beautiful day for me. Don’t give up on humanity folks! Together we generate so much goodness, love, and hope✌️❤️


17 responses to “2020 Pikes Peak Challenge”

  1. Gorgeous photos, Dwight! What a wonderful event to participate in! Hugs to you! 💕

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  2. This is so great and wow, those are amazing photo’s! The ending and having a brain injury survivor put a medallion around your neck and thanking you takes the cake. So awesome!! Ooo


    1. Ps-I accidentally hit the O button three times and hit send too quickly. 🤣

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      1. I was flying high 🦅


  3. I love this!
    You took me back to my teenaged year, when my family camped all across the west, and my father drive us up to the top of Pikes Peak. My mom was scared to death!
    Thank you!

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    1. It’s definitely an interesting ride🤪. Thank you Wendy🤗


  4. Looks absolutely fantastic Dwight. Amazing scenery and what a great thing to have done. What a super ending as well. 💕

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  5. Beautiful views for a hike and wonderful reason to do it!

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  6. beautiful !!! ❤ Fall is almost here

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    1. This is my time of year❤️


  7. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos, Dwight, they bring back nice memories and make me want to go up there again. And congratulations on doing this hike and contributing to the fundraiser.

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  8. Love this scenery (wish I was near a hike like this😔) and good for you supporting an important cause!

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    1. I was thinking of how you’d enjoy these sites as I was hiking up, Anne Marie😊


      1. Well at least I got to enjoy your pictures! Thank you for posting them!

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