Going for it – Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable (Week 9)

I came very close to removing learning guitar from my going for it list, but I worked out in my mind that even though I’m not “as committed” to it and I do feel like I’m struggling that…that’s okay. The path is mine and won’t look like anyone else’s path. There is enough joy and intrigue that keeps whispering to continue on with it regardless of the expectations of my ego.

Week 9

Short and sweet this week. I ordered some “rucking “ gear and am excited to explore and share with you in the upcoming weeks what that’s all about and how it works out.

The beginning of a grill master…

Haven’t had a grill since the divorce. Yes, I’ll move it outside 🤪

Remember to give yourself love and tenderness along your way,


* For a bit of context for my 52 week challenge check out these links – You did the best you could? and Going for it 52 Week Challenge!

15 thoughts on “Going for it – Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable (Week 9)

  1. Great job!! I absolutely love grilling and have grilled so many things that I never thought of! Definitely more fun than the kitchen for me. Your sesame soy beef bowl must have been good as it has a smiley face by it! 😃 You are so steady with your workout routine too, that I really admire. I have had good weeks and bad weeks however work has been crazy busy with the summer season approaching and that keeps me quite active. I sure hope you have a kick ass day today! I’m looking forward to a 3 day weekend this week!


    • It’s going good. I’m learning a lot. Never new veggies could add so much flavor to a meal. I’m currently using a food service called Hello Fresh that sends me two meals a week with all the ingredients and the recipe to cook them. Ideally I’d prefer Hello Chef where a chef appears, cooks the meal, then departs…kidding…kinda🤪

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      • God I’d love that! Hello chef, thanks chef, bye bye chef! Well done you though. That’s sounds like a great idea because I often spend a fortune buying food for one meal and then chuck it all away after that. 🥰

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