Tuesday ride – Dedicated to Joe

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Joe passed in 2016
No smoke today

I was biking all the way around this reservoir and stopped here to take a break. At this point I realized it was Joe’s birthdate. I said out loud look at all this beauty Joe. Then I sniffled and just let the tears come pouring out. Joe was one of those beautiful souls that made you feel loved and welcome no matter what. As soon as you got out of the car you’d get a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then …what can I get for you .. are you hungry, thirsty.😊 He was my brother in law but definitely felt like a brother. He could of just sat there where I stopped all day looking out at the beauty and just marveled over it. He will forever live in my heart.

It’s good to let yourself remember the great ones who passed before us. And it’s good to let those tears out. Even though it hurt like hell when he left us, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Love is such a precious gift. I’m a better person because of him. For the rest of the ride I felt all flushed out with much love and calmness within. Still do. I miss you JoJo ❤️



15 thoughts on “Tuesday ride – Dedicated to Joe

  1. Sorry for your loss, Dwight. I had a brother-in-law Paul who was like that. He died 35 years ago. Seems like yesterday. I read a blog lately about people who give bear hugs and how it is considered inappropriate now. They obviously never knew the likes of Joe & Paul.

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  2. Someone said to me the other day, when I told them I’d been crying, “crying is such a wasted emotion”.
    I replied that I didn’t see it as an emotion, more as a behaviour reflecting an emotion or feeling. Happiness, sadness, frustration … and it isn’t a waste, it’s a kind of cleansing of your soul. Or that’s how it can feel to me. Interesting how we all view these things so differently. I’m a crier, I’m really glad you are too. Sorry for your loss and it’s so important to remember. ❤️

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