I’m doing a bit of Digital Minimalism

About two weeks ago, I removed YouTube and Instagram from my iPhone and iPad. Just have to stop real quick and recognize and laugh at that statement. iThis and iThat. 25 years ago you would of been saying what the hell are you talking about!

YouTube. This had been my guilty pleasure literally sucking away hours of my time as I escaped and followed all these Van Lifers, people who travel and live full time in a van. Each day getting excited as I endlessly watch others living their dream life while I sit in the shadows glued to my couch.

Instagram. I guess this was my answer to not going full on with Facebook. Actually if you happen to find me on TheFacebook all you’ll see is one post that has a link to my Instagram site. I liked that I could create a quick post and connect with others. The reality is that “connecting part” really isn’t there. Just like on Facebook. Maybe a two word comment or emoji but that’s about it. I didn’t get so sucked into Instagram, but it was definitely part of my daily routine numerous times a day. Went like this…any new emails, how about WordPress, okay now check YouTube, and lastly open Instagram. Repeat.

WordPress. Yes, even WordPress is going getting a bit of digital minimalism. With this it just comes down to finding a healthy balance between connecting with my online super heroes and also reaching out to my “in person” friends and family. I’ve found with my in person friends I’ve neglected the occasional reaching out how are you calls, and only contact them when I’ve got free time to meet and hang out. So it ends up, I’m only reaching out every couple of months with each one. Not good.

Another reason I cut back on my digital platforms is I was embarrassed each time my son came in the front door I’d be in my spot sitting on my ass scrolling and clicking on the Pad-Of-I . Now as you know I do get out and bike, ruck, walk, and socialize but my home hobby was definitely a whole lot of living on the internet.

Engagement. Lastly, I’m at the point with all my online communities that if there isn’t a back and forth dialogue once in awhile what’s the sense in it at all. I know there are plenty of folks who sit back and don’t like to comment, but for me it’s the engagement of sharing/responding that allows us to relate and connect. I definitely don’t do it for the 5 likes from the same person within 30 seconds. Some I’ll keep if they are truly informative or motivating, but otherwise I’ll eventually just unfollow.

So fortunately or unfortunately I have a new hobby that’s filling a lot of lot of time. I’m painting my house because I’m too cheap to pay someone else and as you know I have that sitting on my ass problem. So with a lot of blood, sweat, and NO beers I’ve changed up my home routine. Not to worry either there is plenty of jobs that need to be done around this place.

I’ve also been able to do more reading and just being. Giving myself time to think about all kinds of things and then I can write it up here and truly connect with folks like you.

Just like any tool, the internet can be used for good or bad or in many cases to make tons of money off of you. You are the product! Just remember if you’re looking for answers or to grow that your soul is actually pretty darn smart. It’s all about balance out here.😊



Great book!

For those wondering, I’m still doing my Going for it 52 week challenge. I’ll get an update out soon😊

37 responses to “I’m doing a bit of Digital Minimalism”

  1. I understand what you mean about wanting engagement, Dwight. These days, however, I often don’t have the time or head space to comment. A like on your post is my way of saying I’ve read it and enjoyed it. I hope that’s OK with you.

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  2. I just said to myself this week how I need to start reading more. I also have a puzzle that sits in my living room to be finished. My daughter and I went to the thrift store last weekend and I scored some Steven King books I haven’t read yet. ( He’s my favorite author ) I have a to-so list this weekend and I’m going to put in some reading time on that list. Thanks for posting this and I sure hope you have a awesome weekend!!! 😍

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  3. Painting is excellent therapy in my experience. You’re standing in one place for a time and focused on what’s right in front of you. I’ve had many a revelation while rolling a wall. Couches eat our dreams. 😊

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  4. I get it too Dwight. I deactivated my Facebook, and only doing Instagram right now. I took some games off my phone I play too much, and I am coloring in an adult (not that I am) coloring book instead of being on electronic devices. My goal is to find other things to do instead of being online.

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    • I’ve heard of many folks using adult coloring books and need to check that out. I need something beyond just physical activities where I just want a bit of downtime and don’t feel like reading. Thanks, Rox🤗

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      • I got a funny adult coloring book with “inspiring” phrases containing swear words – colored them in this Winter of Covid and sent off to some friends – relaxation, creativity, AND connection all in one! Who doesn’t love getting random snail mail?

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  5. Way to go Dwight! I was just telling Dan I need to force myself to get out and about with Kat before winter closes in and her I sit reading your post. 😂 I wish I could get some painting done in our house but unfortunately that has to wait post-op for sure. 😒 Have a good one!

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  6. I got a big FOMO when looking at FB the other day. Put me in a very “poor me” mood. I love and hate SM.
    I’d love to get rid of FB, but I have so many family members who live far away, it’s the one way I know what they are up to.
    PS – I am addicted to Candy Crush Soda!

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  7. Definitely guilty of binge watching certain YouTube topics… Van life, tiny houses, decluttering videos.. just like the original tube though, it is all passive entertainment and although it can be great for inspiration you are not actually learning anything

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  8. I continue to admire you Dwight!! Funny how it is actually an effort now to remove all this digital clutter from our lives. I am 39 so right at the age where I clearly remember life without it yet most of my peers have embraced it. I honestly think the world would be better off without the damn internet at this point. Well, there is about 2% real good that comes of it and the rest is crap. I digress. My solution is not connecting to the internet on my phone. At all. I don’t even use apps. Write down directions before I leave the house. I had a flip until about 3 years ago when it actually became cheaper to get the “smart” kind.

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  9. Good for you, Dwight! I am guilty of the same habits and it becomes a passive participation instead of an active one. Sometimes it’s just the default thing to do. We deserve more though… I think I need to start reengaging as well. Did you read the book on digital minimalism? Do you recommend? Love and light to you. 💛🌟

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  10. well, as you may remember, the whole reason i came to WP was because i started the project of committing to 6 whole months of NO social media- i wasn’t really on instagram, twitter , snap chat, reddit or anything except facebook but was a total addict. I never used my phone though, always preferred laptop and still do..my experience in that 6 month was “everything and the kitchen sink” . i learned a lot about myself and all of my perceptions changed.In fact afterwards i have never gone back to anything close- i don’t share my “feelings”, i don’t strive for popularity , i don’t post or share memes, i don’t read “news” articles or click on links. I post art( to sell), scroll briefly, like a few posts and occasionally comment.I don’t respond to constant cries for attention, people who complain almost everyday, or controversial posts. I found that i truly do enjoy blogging much better. At first i hardly had any interaction or followers, and i didn’t expect to but you’re right- it’s much nicer to have that interaction!

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  11. Sounds like we subscribe to all the same YouTube channels. 😊 I hit a point last year where I had to start living my dreams and stop watching someone else’s. So, now I write and post my own stuff and dream of MY van. 💖 One day (soon I hope!) I’ll get mine. And, I’ll probably start a YouTube channel. Ha!

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    • Hey Dawn , nice to meet you – that’s awesome 😎! I’m right there with you on getting a van. I’m working on paying off my house and then that’s my next endeavor. I’ll have to follow you since you’ll be famous one day😁…it is exciting for sure thinking about hitting the open road and living simple.


      • Tell me about it! I now have my phone switched off each day for more hours than it is on. You will find more riches and fulfilment within yourself and through those who truly love, care, see, know, converse with and show up for you than from anyone or any fleeting dopamine hit from staring at a screen. Your life is patiently waiting for you…..❤️👍

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