Fall ❤️ Bike Ride


Heading out to Catamount – my favorite place to ride!

Best EVER therapy for my mood. I’m reading a couple of books on exercise for mood and anxiety. I’ll attempt to create a post on what I gleamed.

As always, get your butts outside😊



* I know many of you get a bit down in the fall. It’s actually my season. I love the warm days and cool crisp nights. Is fall anyone else’s favorite?

19 responses to “Fall ❤️ Bike Ride”

  1. YES, 100% with you on exercise as therapy. I can feel the shift in my mood even after a small 30 min workout. Hmmm fall is beautiful, I would like it more if I didn’t know it meant a very long dark winter was coming (Minnesotan) – BUT I already have 3 warm weather trips planned, ha!

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  2. Awesome! Look at those vivid yellow leaves! Yes, I love fall as well!! I do wish we didn’t have daylight savings and lose an hour of light…it gets dark earlier on its own with out humans having to screw with the time! Love and light to you! Xx

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    • I hear you on that! I wish we too could get rid of that nonsense. Remember to look up with eyes and heart focused on the energy of love that surrounds and permeates us. Your beauty inside is intended here to shine outwards to all, Collette. As always you are whole – perfect – complete right NOW and every moment forward. And so it is❤️

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