You be you

John Belushi on SNL

There is one and only one of you.

Trying to fit into another mold will not do.

The negative talk of how you don’t compare to everyone else and aren’t as good is a lie.

For within you is your very own spark ready to light up this world with your intended gift.

Don’t forsake yourself and say I have nothing to offer.

Dig deeper to once upon a time before you retreated to the safety of the fog .

Break free of how everything is supposed to be a certain way and you are on the outside looking in.

For once take a chance and be beautiful you.

Go forth knowing you don’t have to have it all perfectly aligned and figured out.

Just take that one small step and then another.

Make your own path.

The universe likes heroes who unchain themselves and break free with no safety net or guarantees.

Take that chance with no need to explain and go forth with your nervous excitement.

Hold your chest out and shine.

This world needs your light!

I believe in you.

You be YOU.


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