Alice’s Restaurant

Like for many, this is still a tradition for me to listen to this song near Thanksgiving. If you have 18 minutes and want to learn more about the draft during the Vietnam war check out Arlo’s song Alice’s Restaurant. So many emotions come ..listen to it.

I tear up for all those involved in that terrible time in history. I will not forget! Hug those sitting around your table this Thanksgiving.

And give them a kiss on the cheek❤️


4 responses to “Alice’s Restaurant”

  1. Wow. I have never heard of this song until now. You had me googling about this song as well.

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  2. I have heard of that song. Pretty sure it is the only time I listened to the entire thing. 😯


  3. It really makes you think doesn’t it?

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  4. A good reminder for any time, Dwight!


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