Strawberry Moon

1:50 AM and just finished meditating with the strawberry moon  shining on my face.  I couldn’t resist.  Such an amazing universe we live in.  I couldn’t help thinking how it must feel to be on the moon and looking out and seeing earth. Oh how I wish to have been one of those astronauts.  We are quite a foolish lot down here on Mother Earth and it saddens me.  We think we are so smart with our great technology of growth, but in our whole existence the growth and advancement of loving our fellow man and protecting our environment SUCKS.  Why are we still having wars and destroying the planet?

I saw this the other day on a t-shirt:

  • Birthplace: Earth
  • Race: Human
  • Politics:  Freedom
  • Religion:  Love

I could relate to this.  Instead of all those US flags hanging on houses how about more earth or love flags?

We aren’t as advanced as we think we are.  Sit with your mother – it’s good for your soul and you might just learn something.