Preparing for University


Yesterday was a huge step for my son Bob!  He’s graduating from high school this spring, and in the fall he’s off to the University of Life in his 1983 Chevy G20 van he just bought!  He’ll be living in the van and traveling across the states doing seasonal work and seeing the country.  As you can tell I’m very excited for him!

12:41 AM Train Departed

it’s her train even if you think not

you indeed will pay a price

with or without cause

no time for repairs

you will eventually be tossed

she looks the other way

as she greets a new passenger

you crash roll and fall further and further down

the roar of the engine fades

you pick yourself uP

she though is still forced to stay on the tracks

there’s a strict schedule you realize

more lessons must be taught

An encounter with a couple of eggs

Little shells in your egg  – won’t kill you.

Little shells in your egg – won’t kill you.

Little yoke on the stove  – won’t kill you.

Little yoke on the stove –  won’t kill you.


Lighten up my friend and you won’t be blue❤️

Lighten up my friend and you won’t be blue❤️

(Okay now sing it and live it)

Bubbling UP.


There is something coming from within and working it’s way up.  Slowly but surely.  It’s calm, safe, and this is all good and you are on your way.  For me this a new feeling.  I guess I shouldn’t say new.  When I was young living in the country everyday was a bubbling up day.  Take off early in the day to play in the 100 acre wood seeking adventure and living fun without even knowing it.  All natural.  Since though life strayed far from that path.  Why? Who the hell knows.  To help me learn and grow?  Sounds like a hard way to learn and grow.  Anyway I’m in a new spot that this Soul likes and smiles at.  It’s good.

I had searched outward and followed many paths.  Some dead ends and some came with guilt or a false disguise that only showed it’s face after I told the ego to fuck off.

Look within.  YOU have your our own rhythm.  Your own path.  Get quiet.  Listen.  Listen.  Start moving toward the sound.  Remain calm and know.  The 100 acre woods  is just ahead.  Feel that giggle!  Start living again.

Strawberry Moon

1:50 AM and just finished meditating with the strawberry moon  shining on my face.  I couldn’t resist.  Such an amazing universe we live in.  I couldn’t help thinking how it must feel to be on the moon and looking out and seeing earth. Oh how I wish to have been one of those astronauts.  We are quite a foolish lot down here on Mother Earth and it saddens me.  We think we are so smart with our great technology of growth, but in our whole existence the growth and advancement of loving our fellow man and protecting our environment SUCKS.  Why are we still having wars and destroying the planet?

I saw this the other day on a t-shirt:

  • Birthplace: Earth
  • Race: Human
  • Politics:  Freedom
  • Religion:  Love

I could relate to this.  Instead of all those US flags hanging on houses how about more earth or love flags?

We aren’t as advanced as we think we are.  Sit with your mother – it’s good for your soul and you might just learn something.