Our highest self

I’m realizing as I write out my thoughts a little context goes a long way. Many of you who read my blog battle with depression as I do. My hope is this post surrounds you all with light and helps you get through some of the storms. I post this only with the goal of sending love to all and mean no disrespect to anyone’s faith.

No matter what I label myself.

No matter what others label me.

At my core I Am God. I am infinite love.

As I repeat these words, I AM GOD, peace overcomes me and I welcome back my highest self.

I hope this helps someone as it has me,


Time for therapy

No insurance card needed.

Are you ready?

Here we go.



Stop and touch the bark of the trees.  Stand and be silent.  Tell the trees how grateful you are for all that they give.  Close you eyes and feel the energy from your hand on the tree down to Mother Earth and across the forest.




Pat and smile at the trees as they smile and giggle along with you.



Sit with Mother Earth and Give Thanks




With tears of joy I say Thank You Great Spirit

Thank you Earth Mother

Thank you Guides and Angels

Thank you Power Animals

Love Love Love

Thank you thank you thank you

I Am Grateful Grateful Grateful


Therapy is over for today