How come it’s easier to write out our feelings to the whole world to read, but every day we hold them tightly to our chest when we are with those who love us?

A few weeks ago I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen for over 20 years.  I did something I don’t usually do and instead of just saying yes life has been interesting these last few years,  I was honest and said it sucked!!  I told her all about the bad and the ugly and yes I was scared, but I was no longer going to hide “me”.  I think she was a bit shocked at my honesty and I guess in a way so was I.  I even told her about this blog and gave her the link.  People will say you need to be careful Dwight.  You shouldn’t do this with xxx, or be careful discussing this type of stuff with xxx.  To all of that, I say – F it!  If they want to judge so be it.  I don’t need that in my life anyway.

Some will always live in the matrix.  I did for a very very long time.

Others have discovered what’s casting shadows inside the cave and have found the courage to get up, face the shadows, take the shackles off,  and be Free again!  (Plato’s Cave)

***Picture is Boris – He’s always real around me – I love him for that***



I’m Ready


Where would I go

Who cares




Adventures from days past

Young and dumb

Who is the fool

So many things wished changed

Now more of the same

Not too late

Still can run


Kids, dogs, debt, income, insurance…asked every day



Let’s look at the list

You must do this

You must do this

Preach preach preach

Grow up they said

Look at the freak show with  disbelief

Everyone overweight, depressed, anxiety, anger, hate, spoiled, havoc, hurt, and depleting

Me Me Me

Doom and gloom publicized every day

Making money by clicks

A plan must be made

It can’t remain the same

It won’t

I’m F’N Ready to be Free Again!


Mumbo Jumbo Woo Woo Stew

smileyfaceToday I’ll be serving up some of my world famous Mumbo Jumbo Woo Woo Stew.   When slow-cooked just right your soul will smile and you’ll beam with LOVE!   You will find that this stew is highly customized just for me, but you may find a few ingredients that you might want to try out.  One last note:  You don’t actually eat it – You LIVE IT!



  • Meditation – every day give thanks to Source, Guides and Angels, and Mother Earth.  Put out a specific intention to the Universe and just be.  Also, check out sound meditations.
  • Affirmations – when you start catching your ego talking smack, you might as well try listening to positive vibes!
  • Yoga – Flexibility, muscle toning, and increasing energy levels are all nice benefits.
  • Burn some sage, beat a drum, dance, and let it all out – Laugh as you may…it will help.
  • Shamanic Journeying – from Sandra Ingerman, “Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the “invisible worlds” beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for change in any area of our life…”.  Find a practitioner to help guide you.
  • Grounding/Earthing – stand barefoot in the dirt, hold a tree,…feel the negative charge from the earth, connect, and regain balance.
  • Music – listening to Krishna Das, Chants from the Holyland, Gratitude Joy by Paul Avgerinos & Anand Anugrah,…
  • Walk OUTSIDE
  • 3 x 5 Card – I Love You “Your Name Here” on your bathroom mirror.  Repeat 3 times daily
  • LOVE – when in doubt give love.  Love Never Fails.  Never!  Trust Me!!

Possible Aditional Ingredients (just trying these out now):

  • Alkaline antioxidant water.  So far I’m peeing A LOT and my fingernails have cleared up : )
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – You’ll need to look this one up on your own.  I do some of the EMDR videos out on YouTube.

Okay if you’re still reading you probably think I’m a wack job!  I don’t really give a frick though.  This “stew” seems to work for me and that’s all that counts.  My hope is like I said before that you may find some ingredients that may work for you.  There isn’t just one thing that helps me keep it together.  It’s many small things turned into a practice.

What are some ingredients you would put in your Mumbo Jumbo Woo Woo Stew?





a Snarl, a ROAR

what, I don’t understand

biting down deeper and deeper

pain twisting and ripping along the way

cutting  and cutting and cutting

straight on course

finding its target

there it blew

what the hell all flashing by

I looked again

Her face turned back to normal

I looked down

Broken Open

peering inside

there was Me