Why name a blog Faded Jeans Living?

I’ve just been a blue jeans and t-shirt kind of person.  You know that person up on the stage like The Who just rocking it…I Wish!! (Yes I’m a huge Who fan)  There’s something about putting on an old pair of faded Levi’s that just works!  The whole world and all issues seems to be a bit more softer.  Life needs to be that way too.  I’ve never felt comfortable putting on “costumes” for work or social activities figuratively and literally.  Also the whole faded piece resonates with me being 50 and having some interesting life experiences.  I don’t have time pretending anymore.  It’s time to start being authentic and start living.


I think others are on the same page as me??

3 responses to “Why name a blog Faded Jeans Living?”

  1. You have to feel comfortable in your skin, Dwight! 😊

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  2. Faded jeans, old t-shirts, extra-roomy sweatshirts …. gotta go for comfort over fashionable! Love your blog, Dwight!

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  3. Do you believe in coincidences, or that somethings are meant to be? I guess I’d say both, but in the case of you stopping by my blog “No More” and me coming to your blog to read your story, it seems so right, that you started your blogging just a few couple months after I did. And this 2nd entry is on my 55th birthday! Anyway, nice to meet you and I look forward to some good reading on your blog!

    p.s. my real name shows here, which is okay, but on my blog I used a different one, because at the time I wasn’t ready to be me. Now I am ready.

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