Love is the oneness behind all.

Love is the oneness behind all.

We forget this on our journey because we have been domesticated by such things as politics, religions, governments, and consumerism. Your political party is wrong – mine is right. My religion is the only way. I must save you. It’s disrespectful if you do this. This is my country and you’re not allowed here. You can only be happy if you buy or have this. I must compete with you to survive. The judgments we hold move us farther and farther away from love. The domestication creates a heavy armor to carry, protect, and uphold. There is an easier way. Stop the judging. Stop working so hard to have everyone think as you do. Instead of judging try understanding. Think about the armor you are carrying. Think about the messages you are projecting.

Come back and sit with LOVE. It’s our birthright!

Love Never Fails

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