Facebook and The Election

I posted the following on my Facebook page the other day and a lot of people could relate:

“I’m grateful for all of my Facebook friends who HAVEN’T shoved their presidential candidate or political views down my throat. Thank you : ) Happy Friday!!!”


It just amazes me that some of my friends can’t figure out that not everyone has the same view as them and don’t have a clue that they may be offending others with their posts.  It starts off slow and you let it go but after a couple of months it gets old.    There’s the cute little poke fun posts, the I’ve done research and found out this posts, and then the in your face this candidate sucks posts.  They have to know not all their friends support their candidate and do they honestly think they are going to change someones mind on who they are going to vote for?  It’s like – “Man I’ve been a Democrat/Republic for years but after reading Joe’s post I’m going to vote for this candidate.”   Right!  It’s not going to happen!!

It got to the point that I ended up “unfollowing” some of them but remaining friends.  I know it’s just the nature of the Facebook beast, but I honestly had higher hopes.

What are your thoughts on this?


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