compassI’m learning as I grow that it’s okay to adjust along the way.  Prior to this I’d commit to something and that was that.  I’d follow it through no matter what.  No matter if it still didn’t resonate with my soul.  I just won’t do that anymore.  This blog is a great example.  It started off being a debt blog and I was all fired up, but as time progressed I found myself wanting to blog about more than just debt.  I had ideas and thoughts that just didn’t always fit into that category.  I also found myself following many other debt bloggers on Twitter and to be quite honest the whole “debt thing” started to exhaust me.  It was like that was all there was in my life and that is so not true.  I made a decision to adjust and realign with what is currently working in my life.  This blog won’t focus predominately on debt, but rather on all areas of my life that I want to share or that help me to grow.  I got rid of my @jeanliving Twitter account and just post all my entries now to @DwightHyde twitter account.  I also removed some of my more personal debt entries from this blog, because that wasn’t working for me anymore.  By expanding beyond just debt I feel fortunate to be able to connect to many other souls who love to discuss their journeys in life.

Another area of my life that I’ve made a small adjustment is my spiritual practice in regards to church.  Just like with debt I jumped right into becoming a member of a local church.  I attended “religiously” and signed up for many classes.  As time went on I found on certain Sundays I just didn’t feel like going but would still push myself to go due to my old commitment conditioning.  Lately though I just go when it feels right in my soul.  Sometimes I can connect better to Source by going out on a walk on Sunday morning then attending church.  Neither is more right or more wrong – it just is.

For me it’s okay to adjust as long as I’m learning and growing along the way.  I can admit it’s not always easy, but when I’m true with myself life seems to flow easier!

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