Keep Rising

imageI’m coming off a 24 hour low and thought there are probably a lot of other folks who experience this type of thing so why not share.  To paint a picture my very lows consist of going to bed and putting a pillow over my head.  It’s like a cave all quiet and dark.  It’s usually caused from situations not turning out right, over stressed, or just lack of any drive.  Some will say this isn’t healthy, but it happens.  While I’m there I usually rotate between sleep, reading, and just contemplating life.  The need for silence is because the orchestra in my head has gotten way out of tune and way to loud.  I’ve got that one player, Mr. public, playing things should of gone this way and you should of done this.  Player Mr. Guilt will chime in agreeing saying you didn’t handle that well at all.   It becomes a music frenzy attracting other players such as Annoyed, Grumpy, and Failure. Finally way to long overdue I’ll say enough is enough!

Ideally this shouldn’t happen.  I realize I’m the conductor, but it seems to slowly sneak up and build momentum that before I notice it’s to late.  While I’m in the cave contemplating I can then start to see the signs.  Things like brooding over the same thing over and over.  Getting a negative message and letting it knock me off my happiness cloud.  Expecting one result and getting a total other outcome.  The key would be to shut it down (clearing) as it happens but so far that hasn’t happened.

So what do I do?  In my cave there is a sign that says, “Dwight was here”.  Next to it says, “Don’t stay here long”.   I regroup like I said  by checking out and sleeping, reading, and thinking.  After a bit I can rise take a shower and start fresh.  I did that just the other night and headed off to yoga.  For me it’s getting back to my basics – eat healthier, exercise, connect to Source, and just be me.  The whole social public world is such bullshit made up by the media and played out by all of us.  I AM me and when I get my soul music in my head the orchestra starts motivating me along.

We all get low.  We all fall.  When it happens take some time for you.  All the answers are within you if you just silence everything  else and just listen.  It’s your own unique music and it’s beautiful.  When you hear it – start rising again.




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