The only expertise I have on this topic is I get depressed. Yep! Okay now that that is out of  the way here we go.



Do Ugly Yoga
Even when my yoga instructor, Jody, dims the lights my yoga poises are still ugly but who really cares.  When I first looked into taking a yoga class I was a bit intimated thinking it would be all fit beautiful people.  When I showed up for my first class I happily noticed it was a motley crew of all shapes and sizes.  Oh and yes there are other men who take yoga.   For me the stretching and breathing are a great way to help get my mind and body in a great state for the week.  Shop around and talk to the instructors to find a good match for you.

Take a Grandma Hyde Nap
My kids were always amazed when my mom would visit and say she’s going to take a nap.  She’d be sitting in a chair, rest her head back, and 10 to 15 minutes later be back up cruising around.  Known as a power naps by some, they do wonders by allowing you to check  out for a few minutes and refresh the mind and body.

Lace up those Sneakers
Shhh!  While depression isn’t looking sneak outside and go for a walk. What a funny word –  sneakers.  Anyway, for me getting outside in the fresh air and hoofing it down the street always revitalizes my psyche.  Add in some headphones to pump it up.

Sit in a Cave and Meditate
Just the other day I put on my Buddhist robe and headed out to the cave to mediate.  Okay so we all don’t have caves but you should be able to find a quiet place within your home to setup a small area for you to practice.  Also just google the name of your town and meditation or sangha and you might find a center near you that teaches mediation fundamentals and holds group meditation sessions.   It’s pretty hard to ignore this one since it’s mentioned all over the place and for me it definitely removes all the crazies in my head.

Get all Rocky like
Okay get that Rocky song going in your head and go with me on this one.  The best way for me to get out of a funky mood is to start working out – again – and eating healthier.  I know a lot of you just like yoga are intimidated in joining a gym but again do some research and find a gym that matches your personality.  Not all of them have men grunting like they are giving birth.  It’s actually pretty neat being around others who are motivated and trying to get healthier.  My workouts are usually less then 30 minutes and afterwards I feel awesome.

Hang out with Groovy Souls
Find a group or club to join.  Anything to get you out of the house and to stop thinking negative thoughts.  MeetUp is one great resource to check out –  Find others who are interested in the same things you are.  Other options are women circles and men circles.  I belong to a Mankind Project iGroup,, that has helped me  become a better man.

Test out the Kool-Aid from a Temple
Okay I put this down on the list so I didn’t scare you away. In the past for me the words  church and religion would make me turn and run like hell the other way.  I’ve discovered though there are many churches and religions beyond Christianity that come in different sizes, beliefs, and flavors.  I’ve become more of a spiritual mutt practicing all the “good” that has been passed down.  If you have been put off in the past the main point here is you are not a sinner and God-Spirit-The Source whatever you want to call it isn’t up in some cloud.  It is inside of you and we all have it.  You are a loving soul having a human experience and there are many other loving souls who also feel this way.  Exploring my spirituality has helped tremendously.  How do you check one out without stepping foot in one?  Most churches have websites where you can listen to the services online to see if it’s a good match.  Here’s an example from my church –

Be a Rock Star
Work on your British accent and then start mumbling the F bomb like a thousand times and then crank up some tunes.  Seriously : ) In the morning I like to bring my wireless Boise speaker into the bathroom and rock out to some AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley ….anything that speaks to me that day.  If you have any fire in you this one will definitely work!

Go on an Adventure
Think Pooh and his 100 acre wood.  Remember when you were a kid and had so much fun exploring?  Why do we stop just because we’re older.  Pack a lunch and go on a new hike or head out onto the highway and check out a town an hour away from where you live.  Get out and Explore!

Love Yourself
I have a 3 x 5 card on my mirror that says, “I love you Dwight Hyde”. I can’t help but see it everyday and I try to say it 3 times a day while I smile at myself in the mirror. I know it sounds ridiculous but who gives a shit it works.  Take some time just for you.  Maybe it’s getting up early before everyone else and sitting and having your coffee or tea.  Whatever makes you feel special – Do It!


Always remember you are not alone – We all are a little FRICKED up!!!

Hope this helped a bit?

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  1. That was a lot of random! Love it! If I lived in Colorado I’d be in much better spirits. I’m jealous! I love it there. Hiking the RMNP is literally my Heaven on earth!

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