Canceled the $1,495.39 Furniture Order


Some of you may be wondering what I was thinking in the first-place ordering $1,495 in new furniture when I’m in debt?  Oh my my.  Consumer impulse at its finest sprinkled in with some society norm crap.  For some reason, I woke up one day and realized my mother was going to be spending Christmas with me.  This will be the first time she’s been to my current home since my divorce last year.   Needless to say, to anybody who’s been through divorce I’m currently financially challenged and my home reflects that completely.  I got the old beat up furniture and even use an outdoor wired table for my son’s bedside table.  So, crazy society programmed brain took over and off I went to the great American buy new shit cheap store.  Within 30 minutes I had picked out 4 bedside tables, 1 couch, 1 love seat, 1 end table, and 5 lamps.  Bam!  Broke out the card, signed, and set up delivery for the next week.   Momma bear would be comfortable and not be worrying about her boy.    

It was this past Saturday and the furniture store was pushing for a delivery for Monday.  Thank god I asked it to be delivered tomorrow (Thursday), because it would of been real hard to return and cancel the order otherwise.  Now I guess I know why they want to deliver as soon as possible.   Other then you thinking this was a stupid idea given my debt situation your probably wondering what made me cancel the order?  To be honest it was exciting thinking I could walk in the house and have some new STUFF and friends and family would have a place to sit comfortably.  As the days went by I guess I started worrying about the new debt and then I stumbled upon an article How to become sustainable even if you think your’re too busy (  by  Amanda Gates on twitter @GatesInteriors .  The article also has a podcast with her friend Julie Kearns of the Shop Junket.  It basically described me going out to buy cheap shit that has no real soul value for my life and how it’s the “norm” to do what everyone else does.  It so struck a chord that it snapped me out of my crazy brain. 

I’m still always amazed when messages just come out of nowhere and resonate with you so much to make you stop and adjust.  To Amanda and Julie I have to give you a very big THANK YOU!!  I’ve decided mom will be much happier knowing I’m paying down my debt and probably respect me more for that fact.  Also, I’ve decided I don’t need to buy into what everyone else does or what everyone else has.  I AM the Dwightness of Source and I got my own path.  So, no new furniture for me right now.  Got great ideas from Amanda and Julie on going to reuse stores, reusing items, and taking care of what I own.  I highly recommend checking out the article and podcast at

Peace my fellow learners as you Grow!!

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