Crazy Train

Crazy Brain – Crazy Train. 

trainHave you ever tried just staying a few steps of your crazy brain?  It’s like this dark shadow you can actually feel breathing down your neck.  It’s like a huge black cloud following you ever where whispering in your ear things like – fool, don’t, stupid, give up, ugly,  why did you do that,…  You feel like if you acknowledge it that it will swallow you and finally take over like it always has wanted to do.  You run, run, and run.

For me here’s the deal.  I get to the point where I’ve had enough.  I turn around and look at this shadow(ego) and say fuck you, fuck off, and go away.  It cowardly slips away.

Becoming aware is the first step.  You are good.  You are awesome!  You are the “___ness” of life.  I am the Dwightness of life and am learning I can control my crazy brain.  So can you : )

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