Soul encounters at the Gym

Within the last 2 weeks I had these 2 Soul Connections at my gym:
Middle Aged Man
After my Shamanic intro class on Saturday night I went the gym.  I was all fired up cranking tunes and just hitting it.  At one point a man came up to a machine next to me with a cane and started his exercises. I felt this vibe to reach out to him, so I started up a conversation with him in reference to him rehabilitating and found he just retired from the service and just had surgery on his knee.  We talked all about the army and I told him I had served and it kept me out of trouble during those crazy years : )  We talked about our kids and he mentioned he thought more kids should think about serving.  I told him about Bob and that I wouldn’t object to him serving, but I would never ever suggest it.  At that point the whole conversation changed when I brought up Bob.  His right hand started tapping his leg and his face started sinking inward like trying to hold it together.  He said when you go home give Bob a hug.  Then he said my son committed suicide at 16.  I’m tearing up as I write this…I didn’t know what to say or do.  I gave him a hug and said God bless you brother I’m so sorry.  There was a reason I felt pulled to talk to him and as hard as it was for him to tell me about his son I feel like he felt a tiny bit better sharing that with me a total stranger.  He said thank you.
Old Man
Another gym story.  The day prior, Friday, I was working out and an elderly gentleman in his late seventies has just finished working out and was near the front door sitting down putting on his boots to leave.  I always getting pumped seeing “elders” working out at the gym.  So motivational for me.  Again I felt drawn to him to say something like great job or something along those lines but he looked very tired and actually had a bit of confused look on his face.  I kept working out but kept an eye on him.  He sat in the chair for a bit so I assumed he was waiting for a ride.  After a bit he got up and stepped outside the front door of the gym.  I thought he was just going to wait there.  He then slowly started walking toward the main road.  Something just didn’t feel right to me.  I stopped working out and walked to the door and kept watching him.  It was a very cold day and it had just snowed, so I was very concerned for him.  He didn’t wait near the main road but stopped, hesitated and then started walking into the parking lot across the street from the gym.  I thought possibly he was taking a short cut to another road that was attached to that parking lot.  He then stopped and started cutting through the snow behind the business across from the gym.  At that point I grabbed my coat and ran after him.  It took me a bit to catch up with him.  I finally caught up with him and said excuse me is everything okay?  He looked very confused and said yes.  I then asked is there anything I could help him with.  He then said no and pointed to some town homes behind this business and said he was just heading home.  At that point I realized I had made a huge mistake thinking he might have dementia or Alzheimer’s.  I profusely apologized for disturbing him and he looked me straight in the eyes and asked me my name and then said, “Dwight thank you so much for being concerned about me!”  I apologized  again and walked back to the gym feeling embarrassed and like a fool.  Later that night while I was lying in bed I had this vision of like it was myself saying thank you Dwight for caring about yourself.  I don’t know if that makes sense?  It was just very bizarre.  It was I was looking at myself when I’m an old man.  I need to say this really actually happened…but again it was like me in the future.
What  it is  – is that I’m opening up and starting to listen to that little voice inside : )   It feels great!  Try it!!

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