Take me to Church or Not

I’ve been thinking more and more about guilt and how society stuff seems to sneak into our conscience and before you know it you’ve been sold something you never really wanted to begin with.   One example for me was attending church.  As I started to attend more frequently I started having these feelings on Sunday morning’s occasionally where I didn’t really want to go in but felt guilty if I didn’t go.   It was like I wasn’t going to be “spiritual enough” if I didn’t attend each Sunday.  Also the whole tithe thing was starting to get to me.   This bothered me and at age 51 and I just figured if I don’t want to go  each Sunday well then don’t!!     I enjoy the Spiritual side but not so much the rest that comes along with it.

It wasn’t only church for me that induced self-guilt but also things like attending yoga every Monday night,  going to every Shamanic journey group offered,  working out 5 times a week,… I’m listening more to my Soul these days and less to those chirpy voices in my head.  For me, I believe it’s my mediation practice that is starting to help clear up what paths I should be following or not following and being okay with my Dwightness!

How about you?


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