Met an Angel yesterday

The man she came in with didn’t hold the door for her and even came through first.  I frowned as I watched.  It didn’t seem to phase her.  They ordered and sat down.  Suddenly a man entered dirty and hair in disarray.  The other two men I was with and myself looked the other way as he mumbled will someone help me I’m hungry.  We sat there in our clean dockers and golf shirts trying to ignore him as he walk from group to group.  Finally he reached the last table where she sat.  He said to her table will you help me I’m hungry.  She stood and said I’ll help you what would you like to eat?  She brought him to the counter and he ordered and when he was done he said God Bless You.  As she left he said God Bless you.  As I witnessed this I felt like such a loser for not helping my fellow man.  Now as I write this I know she was me guide to show me the way and challenge me to DO instead of judge.  I learned a lot from this Angel – God Bless her!

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