Paper & Ink

IMG_0748I picked up my dusty journal looking for an entry and realized how very little I write now that I blog more on WordPress.  Just glancing through I was in a kind of ahhh on the range of topics and moments I had captured good, bad, and ugly.  Some juicy material in there let me tell you!!


This little rambling caught my eye:

“I wish I could just be naturally happy without effort and I’d make all the wise decisions and do all the right things without effort.  I don’t want to put in the effort, but I want the results of being happy and not alone.”

This was from 7/18/2017 almost a year ago..which was pretty interesting.  Anyway, you can obviously tell I had picked up the theme of it will take effort.  Here it is 7/17/2018.  What have I done?  I guess I’m a slow learner or should I say actually doing what I know I need to do.  It kinda of freezes you when you look back, you had the knowledge then, and for whatever reasons you didn’t do shit. Shit.  Life ticks by…

If you hadn’t noticed from my last post I know I have to move forward.  Those words were more for me.  I’m a little sad I didn’t make more progress.  I know life takes work.  It’s the good with the bad –  the happy with the sad.  If it was all good it wouldn’t be good.  What would you appreciate?  What would you be thankful for?  What problems would you solve?  Believe it or not, we all like to solve problems.

I think it’s about time for me to make more of an effort in this beautiful life I’ve been granted!

I think I’ll get back to journaling.  Happy Tuesday friends!!

8 responses to “Paper & Ink”

  1. Happy Tuesday Dwight! Sometimes we can’t see how far we’ve come in only a year. But another year from now, imagine how far you will have come! Be happy wherever you are and enjoy your life.

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    1. Great point – thank you❤️

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  2. Lovely post you got there! I personally do a lot of journalling as well so I can totally relate to this yet there were those times where I just failed to write entries for a week or so… Kind of sad really.

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  3. It feels so good to write things off your chest and into your journal. I hope you will get back into it, Dwight.

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  4. I love this. Perfectly penned.


    1. Thanks Tara…?? I appreciate it! I blabber a lot : )

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      1. I really enjoyed it.


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