Question from Jerry

Jerry is a friend of mine who recently became a widower at the age of 76 after being married for 53 years.  We were chatting away on the phone and he says I’ve got a question for you.  It went something like this:

Jerry:  What size bed do you have?

Me:  Queen

Jerry:  Where do you sleep on the bed?  Middle or side?

Me:  Side

Jerry:  How often do you change the sheets?

Me:  Every 2 weeks

Jerry:  Do you think it would be okay if you slept two weeks one one side of the bed, and then two more weeks on the other side before cleaning the sheets?

Me:  I guess I never thought about it.  (I’m cracking up and so is he)

Jerry:  I was just looking over at the other side of the bed and the whole side hasn’t been touched and everything is in order.

Me:  I’d probably knock myself out by running into the wall each night heading to the bathroom if I slept on the other side.  (I’m still cracking up..)

Jerry:  I’m going to ask a few other single people and see what they think.

Me:  Sounds like a plan I’d love to hear what they say.  I’ll ask around also.

So my little WordPress tribe what are your thoughts?  Isn’t it always interesting how others come up with questions you never even thought about?

*** At the end of the phone call after talking about other things he’s discovered he jokes maybe we should write a book on tips of being single 😊.  It is sad, but this was just a keep it light conversation as he works through all this…



15 responses to “Question from Jerry”

  1. I’ve noticed since my husband went away that I sleep on one side and the other side remains perfectly made. I never thought about switching sides, but it sure makes it easier to make the bed when I get up. I tug a few covers and I’m done! Blessings to you and your friend ~

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  2. I’m single (well, twice divorced ..) and have a king size 4-poster bed. My “normal” is to sleep on the right-hand side of the bed (as you look at it from the footboard), but I’ve taken to sleeping, well, diagonally across the whole darned thing! Cuz I can!

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    1. Now that’s frick’n Awesome. You just cracked me up!!!

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      1. I’m glad! LOL


  3. When I was single, it was more a matter of what space the dogs would allow me… 70 lbs of golden retriever/lab slept wherever he wanted!

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  4. The side closest to the bathroom becomes more important as we age and have to visit more frequently.

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  5. He’s lucky to have you as a friend to talk to about this, and laugh with. It must be a tough time for him … Send him hugs from all of us?
    As for the bed situation – I sleep in the middle, on my front whether I’m alone or not! The Colonel is often found in the morning hanging onto the side of the bed in an attempt to not fall out! Oooh I love my bed!

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    1. Thanks Katie. Will do. …hang on tight Colonel : )
      How’s everything coming along for your cycling journey?

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      1. Oooh thanks for asking. Three days to go and counting! Getting very excited to just get going now. I’m ready and raring to go. Can’t wait!


  6. I tend to sleep on my side even though it’s all mine now due to divorce. But sometimes I sleep in the middle just to be able to spread out and enjoy the comfort. That’s funny about the washing sheets or switching sides because that untouched side is still supposedly fresh. I haven’t ever thought in that way.

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  7. I sleep mostly on “my side” but tend to move to the middle as I seek the warmth of someone who’s no longer there.

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    1. YEP! I get that too! Thanks for reading and I look foward to reading more of your posts!!

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