Happy Beanies

My daughter calls me the other night and the conversation goes as follows:

Allie:  Do you have any beanies?

Me:  Pardon?

Allie:  Do you have any beanies?

Me:  Beanies?

Allie:  Beanies. Yes.

Me:  What are beanies?

Allie:  You know…hats!

Me:  Oh yah, I’ve got a few baseball caps.

Allie:  NO, not baseball hats, winter  hats!

Me:  OH, you mean toque’s?

Allie:  Okay whatever, do you have any I can borrow?  I need one this weekend.

Me:  Sure, stop by I’ve got some.  (Allie is 17 and lives with her mom…)

Allie:  Cool, I’ll be down a bit.

I hang up and being me  I have to google beanies.  Sure enough they are winter hats.  Hmm.  I dig out all my toques and decide it might be fun to text her a picture of them so I send this:

The “Beanies” wanted to say Hello.  The decided to meditate since they were all together :  )


About 5 minutes later she comes in my front door asking where they are.  I’m laughing so hard I’ve got tears coming down my cheeks.  I say, “shhh. ..they’re meditating ” and point to the kitchen.  She says OMG, goes in and picks one out, and comes out shaking her head and smiling.

It’s GREAT being a dad and that’s my story of the Happy Beanies.

12 responses to “Happy Beanies”

  1. Heheh! Somwhere there’s

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  2. Which one did she select?

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    1. The brown one bottom right…

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  3. Haha! Awesome!! Great story.

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  4. Ha! That’s just made me laugh out loud and it’s the middle of the night here!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it Katie.


  5. Ha this is really funny. I’m glad you cleared up the mystery of the beanies lol

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  6. What’s a toque? Thanks for the laugh this morning. 💕

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    1. My mother is from Canada and that’s what she always called winter hats : )


  7. I have a huge smile on my face. I love your sense of humor! 🙂 Great dad moment!

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  8. Meditating beanies🤔may be I should use one of those,it would calm my head🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Great story😍

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