Happy Beanies

My daughter calls me the other night and the conversation goes as follows:

Allie:  Do you have any beanies?

Me:  Pardon?

Allie:  Do you have any beanies?

Me:  Beanies?

Allie:  Beanies. Yes.

Me:  What are beanies?

Allie:  You know…hats!

Me:  Oh yah, I’ve got a few baseball caps.

Allie:  NO, not baseball hats, winter  hats!

Me:  OH, you mean toque’s?

Allie:  Okay whatever, do you have any I can borrow?  I need one this weekend.

Me:  Sure, stop by I’ve got some.  (Allie is 17 and lives with her mom…)

Allie:  Cool, I’ll be down a bit.

I hang up and being me  I have to google beanies.  Sure enough they are winter hats.  Hmm.  I dig out all my toques and decide it might be fun to text her a picture of them so I send this:

The “Beanies” wanted to say Hello.  The decided to meditate since they were all together :  )


About 5 minutes later she comes in my front door asking where they are.  I’m laughing so hard I’ve got tears coming down my cheeks.  I say, “shhh. ..they’re meditating ” and point to the kitchen.  She says OMG, goes in and picks one out, and comes out shaking her head and smiling.

It’s GREAT being a dad and that’s my story of the Happy Beanies.

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