Dwight goes marbles!

What can you do with one marble?

See the jar on the right? What’s different between that and the Others?

It’s POTENTIAL! It’s me.

At least that’s how I’m rolling with it for my new 2019 ritual.

I got the idea from James Clear in his book called Atomic Habits. James says we as a group love to track and describes by how using marbles as an example we can track the habits we strive for in life. I found the book quite interesting and highly recommended it! I have this make belief world in my head where I’m doing EVERYTHING right and only doing good things – only to awaken after another year and nothing changes. This year I’m going to change all that and roll with James idea and put my own spin on it!

So in my world I start on the left jar with Spirit. For me, it’s all the energy and abundance that surrounds Everything. This spirit supplies the universe with its energy and opportunities of possibilities which is represented in my middle jar. Each soul has the opportunity to dance with this energy of the universe or not. If you choose not Spirit doesn’t care. It will just dance by giving you “NOT”. I for one am tired of not and not growing and expanding to my full beautiful potential. This year I’m the right jar and my job is to dance with the universe and fill it with good habits.

I first started off by writing down all the good themes that I currently think would turn my life around and I could use to make me more accountable.

Next I think about some habits I could use that will guide me in the right direction. For every action I take the universe of possibility smiles and gladly puts a marble in my jar.

For each positive action, I get another marble.

As soon as the universe of possibility transfers a marble, spirit replenishes it just as easy as that.

There is an infinite amount of “marbles” the universe of possibility can contain. All I need to do is ACT and start the dance.

So I put the jars in my living room where I can see them daily just waiting for me to play. I discovered right of the bat though to keep the lids open – it helps with flow.

Every action taken that day toward my themes gets a marble from the universe of possibility put into my jar. Not only do I move it over, but I also write it down.

I’m creating triggers that reinforce my habits.

So at this point you may be asking what about spirit? What replenishes it?

All of us do!

Every morning I empty “my marbles” back into spirit and the dance starts all over again.

Instead of living this make belief world in my head, I’m now creating a wonderful REAL world!

What can you do with one marble?

Change Your Life❤️

10 responses to “Dwight goes marbles!”

  1. Clever idea. Keep it up and I hope it continues to work for you.

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  2. What a great idea Dwight! Thanks for sharing it!

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    1. You’re welcome Janie! Keep on Evolving👍

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  3. Clever! I love that not only do you have the kinetic reminder, you have the written documentation. Well done, my friend. I do believe you’re on to something wondrous.

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  4. Hey!
    Happy New Year to you and your beloved ones. My blog is close to a 1500 followers and I thought it’d be good to wish my super cool followers a happy new year. Thanks for supporting my blog. Your support means a lot to me. 🌸🌸😊
    Ps: thanks for sharing this amazing post. I’m sure this ritual will reap amazing benefits

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  5. That’s a wonderful concept. I love the idea. Thank you for telling us about it. I wish you all the best. XX

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  6. May your soul dance with the energy of the universe every day in 2019, Dwight.
    Best wishes for the new year,

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  7. […] Another habit I’ve incorporated into my routing that I think help is I journal daily.  I read the Daily Stoic and journal on the particular days entry.  I also journal daily on my three 3’s.  Write 3 things I do well.  Write 3 things that brought me happiness that day.  Write 3 things  I’m grateful for.  I’ve also continued my going marbles routine. […]


  8. Love this idea. And I like that you write them down as well.


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