5 thoughts on “Marital Status

  1. Interesting question … I think that I was both, literally until I remarried. And bearing in mind that was 12 years later, that quite a long time. I wonder if I thought that people might think I was a bit odd, or there was something seriously wrong with me if I was still single at 45. Certainly when I was doing the whole online dating thing, if I met someone who hadn’t married by then, nine times out of ten the reasons became apparent pretty soon and it wasn’t just because they ‘hadn’t met the right lass’, it was always far deeper than that. I think you can be whatever you want to be, whatever makes you happy! Katie

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  2. Congratulations! I think making that step from being from something painful, to just being yourself, is a very worthy one.
    I had a 17 year stretch between marriages – and depending on the person I was talking to, that helped shape my decision as to was I “single” or “divorced”. Kind of like a trust test? Mind you, it’s a little harder to pull off single when the kids still live at home!

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