Smiling while wounded


I was reading and came across the word

Flash to this I created

In more ways than one

Not all wounds are seen

But indeed they are there and deep

I felt sad revisiting this time

I look and wanted to say I’m sorry

You needed helped in such a bad way

Instead you faked smiles

And life is good

Falling and tumbling inside

…Interesting how the doggies could sense it

Don’t suffer in silence❤️

* These were taken during my divorce back in 2015. Fast forward to two days ago when I saw Elton John on his Goodbye yellow brick road tour. He told a story of how it took him so many years to learn 3 words that would change his life —> I Need Help. Once he admitted it and said it to all to hear LOVE came flooding in. How I wish now that I would of had the courage then to voice those words. Learning as I go.

3 responses to “Smiling while wounded”

  1. Yes, our dogs sense our hurts better than we can see them ourselves. I trust my dog’s behavior to tell me when I’m “off”. Asking for help, being vulnerable, it’s something that isn’t really encouraged or accepted in today’s standard. It’s a pity, I think we’d be better off if we could admit more often that we hurt.

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  2. We are all learning as we live our lives, Dwight, and regret is a universal human emotion, but none of us can turn back the clock. I still hope that I can learn from my mistakes, and do better the next time.
    All the best,


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