I’m NOT a “religious” person at all, but last night I sat and prayed to the great spirit(energy) that surrounds us. I voiced many of the negative thoughts that were bombarding me since I’ve removed the numbing from alcohol. I said them all out loud and just sat with them and asked for peace and to feel good. God. Good. I realized that if the peace I’m asking for is FROM Spirit(God) then naturally this energy of peace is already within me. How could it not? There is no exclusion. None. So as I sat still after asking for peace and realizing it’s already within me it was almost like the clouds within we’re starting to break up and bits of peace were starting to shine through. I’m going to starting using prayer as one of my tools. I guess I’m bringing it up to let others know you don’t have to go to a church to pray. You don’t have to believe in the the Bible to pray. You can just pray to the Universe how YOU wish. Hope everyone has a great day and I’ll be surrounding you all with best wishes. Keep 🎸 it! 

2 responses to “Prayer”

  1. Thank you Dwight for writing this. Your honesty is so refreshing. I also like quite reflection time, meditation and prayer to whatever or whoever is out there listening. 😊🙏🏼🕊

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’m not religious either, but I’ve been taking time to reflect on how thankful I am for being sober and being present. It’s been another tool I use to find happiness.

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