What would you like to stop and change in your life?

10 responses to “Hourglass”

  1. Restyling my life! Avatar
    Restyling my life!

    I’m concentrating of getting rid of the unhealthy habits today, so that I still have the opportunity of looking forward to more exciting and fun changes/adventures with my family in my future! Howzat?!

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    1. That’s awesome! The best investment ever. Thank you for sharing😊

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  2. Focus more on generating good and wasting energy worrying about what people think of me, but I’m working on growing in both of those ❤

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      1. Meant to say and “stop wasting energy” but you got it anyway 😊


  3. 30 days alcohol free. Starts now. So glad I found your blog this morning. Such beautiful and inspiring writing.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m excited to hear you’re also on an AF journey😊. Sending you 100% support, loving vibes, and high fives✌️❤️. We’re going to do great!!!

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  4. Hi Dwight!
    I am sorry I haven’t seen your blog before now!
    So I just followed you!

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    1. No worries. Thank you for the follow😊

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