Nice night for a walk

I’m totally spoiled. Less then 15 minutes from my house is Hayden Park in Divide, Colorado. Met up with a buddy for a walk around the loop here and then went out for dinner. Just a great time! Feeling fortunate and sending best wishes to all of you.

13 responses to “Nice night for a walk”

  1. Best wishes to you too!!

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  2. Wow it looks amazing there!!! What a beautiful part of the world you are living in, so lovely to hear of you with a friend XOX

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    1. Thanks FG. I need to do it more often😊. Good for the Soul.

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      1. It really is 🙂 there is nothing like time spent with a good friend just relaxing and spending time together.


  3. Good food, good fun, good friends–good for the soul.

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  4. Oh wow that is spectacular! Thanks for sharing Dwight 😍😊

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  5. Yay! Glad you had a good night Dwight! Lovely photo!

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  6. Beautiful! I love walks! ❤️❤️❤️

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