Feeling Good – Jammin!

Feeling really good the last few day.  Been off work – HA  : )

Thursday and Friday I spent both days mowing and doing landscape stuff like trimming trees and raking up pine needles.    For some crazy reason, I dig days like that.  Working hard outdoors, sweating, and then when you’re done looking at the finished product and feeling like you actually accomplished something.  Take hot showers afterwards and chillllll.   Love it!  Today cleaned out my garage and then had a fantastic hike at one of my favorite trails called Lovell Gulch, which is literally 1.5 miles from me.    Took no pictures, just enjoyed the hike and patted the trees with grateful vibes.  I have no idea why the hell I’m sitting behind a computer all day for work when I love to get outdoors and involve some kind of physical activity.  It is what it is at the moment, but I have a feeling it won’t be to to long before I get brave enough to bust a move.

The hike was just perfect, beautiful views of the mountains, and wild flowers and butterflies all just a jammin.  It’s  a pretty decent workout with some good hills for sure.  As I was sweating and breathing like an old 53yr old, I just had the biggest grin on my face.  It just reminded me how much I like to physically exert myself.

I’m just rambling for sure.  Just wanted you to know I’m feeling good and hope you all are having a good weekend.  If you’re not – get your asses outdoors!!!   It may work for you?

All the best to you,


*Going STRONG on day 140 alcohol free!!!!

8 responses to “Feeling Good – Jammin!”

  1. He’s picking up good vibrations. Keep the good vibes a flowing.

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  2. Yasssss! 💪🏻 feels so good to bust your butt and get those endorphins flowin. You line in one of my most favorite states! I really would love to visit in September for the hot air balloon festival

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  3. You know what we must be very similar because to me that sounds like the perfect weekend ❤ So happy to hear that your blessing and hugging you in.

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  4. Loved this Dwight. Yes to the outdoors and sweating sometimes. That hike sounds amazing. Hugs

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  5. Getting outside is awesome!
    My husband loves to do years work, which is good, because I do not!

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  6. What a nice weekend. Got outside today briefly, in winter here, enjoying the crisp air.
    I want to go for a walk in the forest in the not too distant future. The garden will suffice between now and then.

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  7. I’m with you … getting fresh air and exercise is gooood!

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