You decide your life story

I’ve been reading the book, The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfillment in a World Obsessed with Happiness, by Emily Esfahani Smith and came across this concept. It inspired me to create this reminder for us.

How much more meaning would you have in life if you started telling a redemption life story?

4 thoughts on “You decide your life story

  1. “How much more meaning would you have in life if you started telling a redemption life story?”

    Sometimes, sad to say, not much more meaning… at least so far, in my experience. I am likely doing a bad job of it. Or still too much “in it,” to be able to “win it”… I remember Brené Brown saying, on a podcast, something to the effect that she only shares stories that she knows the ending to, in her mind… I am paraphrasing, but that was the gist. This might be where I’m going wrong (i.e. blogging through it, instead of telling a cohesive tale afterwards). And yet, blogging has given me immense support… thanks to those few who are brave and caring enough to respond in some way. Including you, Dwight… thank you 💕

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  2. Hey, Dwight!
    I took this amazing course for women about a decade ago, and there was this exercise, where you went around the room to different groups, telling your life story as it felt, then just factually, and then as the heroine. It was – amazing. Perspective is everything, and if you can create in your mind a redemption tale, you’ve got a way out of the muck. It’s kind of like that movie “What about Bob” and “baby steps, baby steps…” You don’t have to redeem yourself from whatever it is you feel you’ve lost out on with a radioactive spider bite. Just take the small steps, and the journey will happen.


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