Woke at 5:30.

Cranked up some Tom Petty.

Did a deep cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen.

Feeling great! Happy Monday folks😊

Be kind to yourself and have a great week❤️


*Anybody else get a bit of a pick me up after cleaning? For me getting going is hard, but as I start seeing progress it gets a little motivating. Kinda like life?

11 responses to “Cleansing”

  1. Love it! There’s something about looking at a clean space, knowing you got it done, that really lifts the spirits.

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  2. Off to a great start for the week! Good for you! Hope you have a marvelous week as well!!

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  3. Cleaning, pruning, mowing the lawn,and shoveling snow are a few activities where you can actually see the results of something being accomplished.

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  4. Haha! Funny you mention this cause yesterday I did a deep clean on my kitchen…pulled the fridge and stove out, cleaned inside the fridge, cleared the countertops. Definitely feelt great afterwards and this morning when I made my coffee! Here’s to a great week for all of us! 👍💜

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  5. Dwight the feeling good is the result of listening to great, sorely missed Tom Petty, not the cleaning. Tom Petty and doing anything will make you feel good 😄

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    1. If you get Sirius. there is a Tom Petty station that I like to listen to. He was the best and is one artist I have not yet grown tired of listening to , no matter how many times I have heard the same CD.

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      1. Yeh he’s cool. I bought full moon fever when it came out and still listen to it regularly. A truly classic album!


  6. Adore cleaning. Like you, takes me a bit to get going. But once I start it’s hard to stop. (Kind of like wine, before I stopped, or blogging, come to think of it…. :))

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