Going unplugged

Just wanted to let you know I’m going unplugged.

I’m not going to define or attempt to explain, since that usually boxes in or takes away from the experience.

I’m feeling very well. No depression. No alcohol cravings. So no worrying about me.

Know I’m still cheering you on❤️

I’ll be back on in February.

All the best to you,


18 responses to “Going unplugged”

  1. If you feel that that is good for you, I’m cheering you on! Time off social media can be wonderful. See you in February! 🙂

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  2. Look forward to seeing you back here in February, Dwight. Happy New Year.

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  3. Happy holidays Dwight😁
    No need to explain anything.
    Thank you for writing, sharing and supporting us. You rock. 🤗
    See you in February.
    Enjoy some hygge time.

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  4. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Dwight!! We’ll miss you, but look forward to your stories and posts in February! 🙂

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  5. Merry Christmas! I will miss you but love your drive for everything!

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  6. Have a great Christmas and New Year Dwight. I’ve really appreciate all your comments, support and I’ll miss you in Jan. Looking forward to hearing from you again in Feb
    Claire xx

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  7. We’ll see you in February then! *BIG hugs, my friend! Happy Christmas and a safe New Year.

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  8. My friend have the merriest Christmas and may 2020 be the most amazing year ever for you xox

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  9. almost done my 6 months of being unplugged ..i guess though i don’t consider blogging social media( maybe i should..who knows) just facebook for me..anyway- good luck on the journey , see ya back on Feb.!

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  10. Be interesting to see what that experience will be like for you. I can certainly see the attraction of it. But you’ll miss us Dwight, you’ll miss us! 😩 And we will miss you but we will survive. Enjoy! Jim x

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  11. Have a Blessed and Joyous Christmas, Dwight, and a peace-filled New Year!

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  12. Enjoy your break Dwight – merry Christmas! Xx

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  13. You’re wonderful… amazing… love ya… and happy you are doing this for you… very inspiring… hugs. Will think of you in our hearts for sure. So enjoy, and we’ll see you back on WP later on Dwight. Happy holidays and happy everything. xoxoxo

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  14. Thank you everyone! I will indeed miss you all❤️ Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  15. Good for you. I like little breaks, just disconnect for a while – I think that’s healthy. We’ll miss you for sure, but enjoy and see you tomorrow n February. 😘


  16. Autocorrect!! 😡 That was meant to say “see you in February”! People will start talking about us……. 😂


  17. Enjoy your time “off,” Dwight. Best wishes for you for the new year.


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