Hello Friends

After taking the month of a January off from WordPress, I’m refreshed and excited to reconnect with everyone. My hope was to also unplug from YouTube and Facebook, but that didn’t work out as planned. I guess if anything else it was insightful learning more about my online activities.

One main thing I learned is how much I’ve come to rely on this community. It’s definitely therapeutic for me writing out my thoughts and growing with all of you. I missed everyone and don’t foresee going unplugged from WP again. It’s been eye opening realizing this is one of my main “tools” for my mental health, motivation, and being fulfilled in regard to trying to help others. I don’t know how many times I caught myself telling others all about this WP family and picking up on their nonverbals that they quite didn’t understand it. Having this forum of being able to share my thoughts and feelings without judgements is just priceless. Thank you all❤️

Looking forward to catching up with everyone and growing together in 2020!

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