End of an era

My baby girl is on her way to Hawaii to attend the university of life. Yesterday was a very tough day saying goodbye. Even though it is exactly what she needs now, I had many tears. Close to 19 years of always being home. Always being right here. Like I’ve said in the last post though, there’s always a morning after.

I remember being 18, just joined the Army, and sitting on a plane flying over to Germany. I had a couple of tears in my eyes back then wondering what I got myself into and already missing everyone back home. But oh what adventures I had! I told Allie it’s normal if you get those feelings but power on. It will be so worth it.

So it’s an end of an era with daddy’s little girl. I won’t see her daily anymore. It’s also a big reminder that at 54, I’m moving along in life too. Treasure everyday my beautiful friends!

It’s a frickin trip,

Dwight ✌️

*Think I’ll go read Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss😊

31 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. Best of luck to your baby girl! May she stay safe and have the loveliest adventures! Empty nesting takes some time to get used to, but at 54, we also must power on Dwight! Big hugs to you. You’re a great dad.

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  2. Exciting news for your daughter. Wishing her all the best on her life adventures. Letting go will be hard for you. Be gentle on yourself. Take your mind off the change by doing something completely new. What have you always wanted to do and haven’t yet?

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    • LT, I’m pumped up on 70s and 80s rock n roll right now. A little in honor of my daughter who loves that stuff along with me. So my first thought to your question is to be the bad ass I was intended to be😎. But I know I know we need specifics…I’m actually heading out on a backpacking 2 nighter this weekend alone. Going to a spot only 2 hours into the mountains and just going to hang out. l’ll be like Pooh and think, think, think…and come back with my encore list🎸

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  3. Change – is well, uncomfortable. But I look at your beautiful daughter and see the joy in her face at taking this next step, and I’m thrilled for her. Sometimes being a parent means sucking the tears up – and if I had a nickel for every one of those moments….

    Enjoy your retreat – let the magic of the universe soothe you🤗🤗.


  4. Such difficult transitions … children moving onwards and upwards. She is gorgeous btw Dwight. And how exciting for her. New adventures galore.

    Hope you are ok my friend. Are you going to take a trip to visit her? Xxx

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  5. I did the same thing at 19…. almost. Just for the wanderlust in me, not school. Didn’t come back to my home state for 23 years. She’s beautiful, Dwight! Have a great time this weekend. Sounds like the perfect remedy to me!😎

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    • As I was saying goodbye last night I told her I was sorry for being such a mess, she said a wise man by the name of Dwight once told me it’s good to cry and let it out. You think they never listen to you…Tears of love, I’m so very very fortunate. It is awesome❤️

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      • Now that is just wonderful! I’m so happy for you that you had that moment with her. Those moments stick with us forever because they mean so much. Looks like you have raised a bright and lovely daughter! 😃💗 I will be thinking of you and I never knew you were in the Army, thank you for your service!

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  6. Ahhh, hang in there Dwight! That has to be really tough and I’m not looking forward to similar experiences! Your beautiful girl will do great things, I’m sure. And I’m sure she’s proud of her dad, as well! 💕

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