How are you being manipulated?

The dilemma

“Never before have a handful of tech designers had such control over the way billions of us think, act, and live our lives.”

– from

If you’re like me and finding yourself more and more glued to your devices and also worried we as a society are more divided then ever, you might be interested in this documentary on Netflix. Even if you think this isn’t an issue for you, I guarantee you’ll find this intriguing.

– from Netflix, the social dilemma

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8 responses to “How are you being manipulated?”

  1. Was looking for something to watch when BB is napping. Will check it out thanks 😊

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  2. My neighbors just told me about this movie! Sounds very interesting … and scary!

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    1. There’s a piece on algorithms that’s just insane on how AI just continues to learn on how to keep us “engaged”. Definitely worth the watch.

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  3. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    I finally watched this last night. So disturbing and scary, especially the segments on girls mental health and the political division that’s going on. How can we have discourse an communication and understanding if our basis for reality completely different? And reaching a point where we no longer can distinguish what is true and what is propaganda or manipulation. I’m not big in government regulation but I think the technology industry has gone largely unchecked with few benefiting by obscene profit and the masses being messed with and manipulated! Ok, Dwight, what are you going to do? Are you deleting your social media platforms? WordPress? Am I being manipulated as I write this long comment? This is crazy! 😜💕

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    1. Let me first start off by saying, it was such a relief to see at least someone else from my superhero community that watched this documentary! Thank you, Collette, for taking the time to watch. Indeed, so scary with the division it’s creating between our political tribes and how the children are growing up in this matrix world. I’m still digesting it all. As far as what I’m going to do I don’t know. Getting the word out was my first impulse. I also posted this out on my Instagram post and sent the info to my kids and friends. I don’t do much on Facebook these day other then Market place, but I’m thinking I can live without that. Where I am vulnerable though is YouTube. I scroll endlessly on the main homepage, and I can now see all the algorithms firing off trying to pull me in. I’m attempting to just go my subscription page now. I do think we need to get the message out but also need to create content that brings people together and the only way to do that is starting to follow other “tribes” that have been formed to keep us separate and angry at each other. I don’t know if I’m making sense. An example would be I’m not a Trump supporter and usually when I hear his name I stop listening and tune right out. This comes from a man who’s voted republican for years now. Typically if I checked out a persons blog entries and saw a Trump reference I probably wouldn’t follow. This is exactly what the machine wants. This was only one example but you get the idea. We need to reach across out “tables” and rediscover we all have much in common especially this corny thing called LOVE. The website I provided also had ideas on what we can do. I’ll end this with some hope from Paul 😊😎🎸

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      1. gr8ful_collette Avatar

        Thank you for that song, and for the information from the website. It does leave you feeling like, NOW WHAT? I understand what you are saying about following people you don’t agree with. What really got to me was this idea of us all being spoon-fed our own reality…like billions of different versions of our own Truman Show. And how can we find common ground–and truth–if we all “see” things differently. Anyway, thanks for discussing this with me. I hope others watch as well. Truly eye-opening, even if I wish my eyes were still shut, lol. Xx

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  4. i had watched this a few weeks ago. It really opened my eyes to just how deep the rabbit hole went. My take away after it settled for a few days was realizing that “we” program the machines ourselves- through our reactions, posts, comments, and shares. And that since AI isn’t human it can only collect whatever data we put out there and use it like the machine it is. There’s 2 ways we can change all of this and neither will be over night. #1 we can confuse the hell out of it by posting only positive , non reactionary things ( art in my case) or #2 we can walk away. Since ive done the 6 month walk away, i know how tough it is for most. Lucky are the ones who failed to get addicted over the years.My compromise was to deactivate the page i’d had for over 10 years with over 1300 “freinds” and start from scratch, limiting myself to 300 or less contacts. Theres so so so much more to say on this subject, but i have posted a few posts on here recently regarding it so i wont for sharing here:)

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