Happy Thanksgiving

A Hyde tradition to make crazy hats on Thanksgiving!

Thankful for all of you❤️


18 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. LOL. Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. What a gorgeous piece of pie! Thankful for you too, Dwight! Happy Thanksgiving! 🍽🦃 🍁

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    1. Thank you, Collette😊

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving Dwight!

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Dwight🦃

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  5. hahaha..that’s great! love it!

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    1. Thanks Lovie, we had fun😀

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  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Lovely to see you here 💕💕

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  7. Love it! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving! Nice surprise seeing you on here this morning! 😃

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    1. Thanks, Jackie. I’m back after a bit of a mental cleanse😊


  8. And we are thankful for you🥰🦃

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