What shields have you put up? What tribe mentality are you defending? Are you beyond tired? None of this seems right does it?

There IS Goodness all around us. We’ve just forgotten how to see it. Turn off all the noise and reconnect to your Source. Lay down your armor, stop fighting with yourself and others, and feel the peace within and around you. This knowing will start to shine brighter the more you lean into it.

Don’t forsake you daily practice of connecting, giving thanks, and most important asking to be an instrument of peace. Our responsibility is to spread love.

5 responses to “Goodness”

  1. indeed….and so hard sometimes. I think so many believe that when this year is over we will magically go back to “normal”. But the only way to get even close is to go back to underlying values that have helped us survive all along. We all have gotten off track in some ways but if we dig deeper , i dont think we have all the lost basic human qualities that perpetuate our speciesThose you mention above) thanks dwight!

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  2. What tribe mentality are you defending? – I love this question, a very important one. It truly matters that we keep cultivating and practicing daily what we yearn to experience in the world.

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  3. Great post Dwight! You’re so right! Our responsibility is to spread love!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!


  4. I needed this today! Thanks Dwight!


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