Before we get too far into this post, I wanted to mention a quick story. My ex father in-law, mentor, and friend Jerry use to tell me stories all the time and when he’d start one he’d say, “I probably already told you this one”…but he’d never wait to hear your response. He’d just jump in and start telling it…again.😀

Lifestyle: the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture. (Merriam-Webster)

Lifestyle: the way in which a person or group lives. (Oxford Languages)

Lifestyle: someone’s way of living; the things that a person or group of people usually do. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Now looking at those definitions you can’t help but realize this is a very powerful word. I will admit I never gave this word too much attention, but when the word kept jumping up on my radar I took notice. In my prior life, I was in the fog and wouldn’t have even noticed. One of the mentions was in reference to getting healthy by exercising and eating healthier. Many of us have had much success with this when we actually put it into practice. The weight came off, you felt 100% better, and you looked damn fine in those Levi’s! Then maybe a couple months went by and slowly those Levi’s started to get just a tad tighter. What happened? You stopped doing your daily health practices is what happened. We need to realize getting healthy isn’t a 1 mile sprint and you’re done. It needs to be part of your LIFEstyle.

Another mention of lifestyle was in one of my prior posts where Antonio Neves points us to this concept when referring to relationships, finances, careers, spirituality,…any of the areas that are important in our life. We put our head down, we walk the talk, go like hell, and reach our goal. Then…we coast…then slide…and then bonk our head and wonder what the hell happened. Again, we stopped when we should of continued to make it part of our new daily lifestyle.

Yes, this living takes plenty of work if you want to be smiling before your last breath. And who doesn’t want that? You get the idea. The alternative is giving life 50% and life giving you back 50%. Start thinking about making your desires lifestyle changes instead of short races with a finish line.

So, now that I’m close to being 55, I get it Jerry! Sometimes we are so jazzed with a lesson learned that we can’t control ourselves from telling the message over and over hoping someone will be picking up what we’re laying down. When he’d start a story I heard like a thousand times, I’d be like oh sweet Jesus inside, not again. But each time he’d change it up just enough that a new truth would shine through.

Keep shining my friends,


4 responses to “LIFEstyle”

  1. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    I love this post, Dwight. It’s the recommitting that we are forgetting. If it’s important it merits our daily efforts and habits. If it is to be a lifestyle, it needs to be daily. Thank you for this insight. Xx

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  2. One of the true gifts of leaving the house and working, is when I come home, I appreciate my husband So much more. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate him before, but it’s that daily reminder that after 8 hours, we’re still a team. There’s gratitude, and we’re spending better quality time together.
    It is a daily choice to do something. To make a change and say “Today I’m doing this.” No “cheat days” – you know? Which is to say that you can have that slice of birthday cake, because hey, it’s your birthday, and yes, part of a LIFEstyle is recognizing special events. Just give yourself that leeway or build it into your contract with yourself that this is what constitutes a part of the way of living you’ve chosen.
    Be well, Friend! 🤗

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  3. Great read Dwight! You made me giggle about the part “You were looking damn fine in those Levi’s.” It’s so so true! I’m so bad at reaching a goal and then getting all lackadaisical and little by little I’m not holding my goal. Thanks for jump starting my brain!!! 😃🎯🙌🏻😄

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  4. 👍 Right on, Dwight! Especially if you have a lot of commitments to others going on – parents, spouse, kids, employer. It is easy to get distracted and let commitments to oneself slide.

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