The Fourth

My hope is we can somehow become united again where all can experience true freedom and the same opportunities for success and happiness. Where we can respect each other’s differences without fear and rage.

I’ll be honest though, I’m not quite sure. I’ll leave it at that to ponder more.

Sending peace, love, and light to all on this beautiful precious planet. May we all be granted the freedom to grow independently and together. Love never fails❤️


8 responses to “The Fourth”

  1. Right back at ya, Dwight! Happy 4th of July!

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      1. Thanks, Elizabeth 😊

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  2. I don’t know why everyone would not want that for their country and the entire beautiful world. Happy Fourth of July, Dwight!

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    1. Thank you, Anne😊

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  3. I love this post but wanted to respond when I got home. My husband and I drove my parents ( late 70’s ) to Illinois to spend time with my brothers family, with my other brother coming in soon to see them. Very chaotic, short stay ( 1 full day ) and long trip but all went well. One of my clients and I politically do not see eye to eye. We agreed to just not talk about it. We like each other enough to reason. Anyway, I get a text from my girls who are home alone and he called them and asked what they like on their pizza and brought them pizza, wings and baked goods from a bake sale. I know there’s hope out there! It really made me tear up and I’m so appreciative of him. In this crazy world, we can come together. ❤️ Hope you had or are having a great family reunion!

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    1. So glad you commented Jackie with this story. Definitely helps with keeping the faith. I’m back from the reunion and will be sending out an update on Sunday. Take care my friend 😊

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  4. Indeed Dwight – I agree – Love never fails! Happy 4th!

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